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liveup trampoline
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Bring vitality into your day!

Bouncing is one of the easiest and fun ways to strengthen your health. A few minutes a day on the trampoline will provide you with benefits such as getting rid of your excess weight, helping to clear your body, strengthening your immune system; On the other hand you have also done a good workout.

Bounce, you will be pleased with the results.


  • 54" Trampoline Diameter
  • Supports A Maximum Weight of 120KG
  • Easy To Assemble, No Tools Requires


Weight Loss
Bounce is a good exercise to burn excess pounds. Regular jumping allows burning of calories on the body, such as running, cycling or swimming.

Increase Energy
The rhythmic jump activates large muscle groups, regulates the rhythm of the heart by breathing and accelerating blood flow.

Acceleration of this circulation increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients carried by the cells, raising the energy level of the body, providing vitality.

Supports Detox
Splashing helps the body to clean itself perfectly.

Thus, acidic wastes, which are the result of the activation of metabolism during exercise, become easier to remove toxins from the body.

Protect Joints
Jumping is a safe and useful lightweight command.

Bouncing on the tramp makes it easier and safer to work because it reduces the impact of knuckles felt on the joints compared to similar exercises on a hard floor.

For this reason it is a very effective exercise method against joint problems and back pain.

Stimulates the Lymph System
The lymph system is stimulated by splashing.

Lymphs are not pumps like our hearts. The stimulation of the lymph circulation requires gravity and movement of the muscles. The rhythmic jump on the trampoline provides both.

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