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Fitness instructors are the backbone of the health and fitness profession and perform a multitude of vital roles and duties. The fitness instructor’s role is client-centered to ensure that they are able to exercise in a safe and effective manner. Fitness instructors can be gym or studio-based, and are generally required to:

  • Welcome and support clients using their facilities/service(s)
  • Maintain a positive and professional image for the health club or leisure center in which they are employed
  • Foster a professional working relationship with clients and colleagues
  • To comply with the Code of Ethical Practice, as outlined by the Register of Exercise Professionals                           
  • To ensure the safety customers using the fitness facility/service(s) that they are responsible for
  • To help clients with use of the facilities/activities and to encourage and promote usage of the facili
  • To promote the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle
  • To prescribe safe and effective programs of exercise
  • To supervise clients while exercising and provide additional advice and guidance as and when required
  • To prepare areas and equipment for fitness training sessions as required
  • To undertake specialist inductions and fitness assessments as and when required
  • To perform daily maintenance checks on fitness equipment and record and report faulty equipment as required
  • To undertake cleaning of the fitness facility, equipment and area(s) to ensure a clean, hygienic and professional presentation of the fitness facility
  • To administer First Aid as required if the appropriate qualifications are held
  • To undertake any other duties commensurate with the post’s level of responsibility, as dictated by the employer